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In an escape room or exit game, you enter a themed game scenario with your group of usually 2-8 people. The tasks vary from escape themes (escape rooms) to thrilling and adventurous tours (rallies). Now you have to escape from this room within 60 minutes. You are only allowed to use what is in this room. In addition, you will find the right information in the elaborately designed environment.

These help you in the end to reach the respective goal. The puzzles are designed to be as different as possible so that each participant in your group can contribute their individual strengths. Because in most cases, a Live Escape Room can not be solved by one person alone. You will be watched by our team through a camera in the room. If necessary, we will switch in and provide support.

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Outdoor Escape Rooms


You're planning a birthday, a bachelor party,
a company party or a class trip?

Then the following tours are definitely something for you! Incidentally, these can also be perfectly combined with our rooms!
So you can create a unique and varied program!

General information:

  • To join the game, you'll need to download the free Actionbound App from the App Store or the Google Play Store to your mobile device. You only need one mobile device per team. You can already do that from your own home :)
  • GPS must be switched on
  • The smartphone / tablet should have enough battery charge. We recommend to bring a power bank
  • The smartphone should be able to take photos and videos
  • You can take breaks whenever you want, the bound stays up-to-date even after you restart the phone
  • For answers uppercase or lowercase does not matter

  • Take a close look at the question and related pictures
  • You can always switch to previous views via the arrow in the top left corner
  • About the three lines on the top right you come into the menu of the app
  • Please pay attention to your safety and follow the rules
  • Depending on how much content you upload, fees may be charged to your network operator. But at the end of the round you have the possibility to visit a open W-LAN before uploading
  • The data you generate will be stored on the Actionbound server and will only be published if you provide that at the end of the bound
  • Unfortunately, we can not accept vouchers for the rallies

The mobile puzzle fun

The Cube

The great idea for birthdays, weddings, company parties and any kind of event where a very special and customizable program item is desired.

The Cube is the mobile version of our popular Escape Rooms. With an edge length of 50 cm The Cube is designed for two players, but can also be played without problems by one or more than two person. The average playing time is about 15 minutes and to proceed the game, no external monitoring is necessary. Of course it is also possible to play two or more cubes in parallel and thus create a direct duel and even more tension. The final compartment can be equipped with any reward and thus optimally adapted to the respective occasion.

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Escape Rooms






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