General questions

From the computer to reality. Earlier Click and Point Adventure on the PC, today the implementation “in real”. You will be “locked in” as a small group of people in a room. Now you have to escape from this room within 60 minutes. You are only allowed to use what is in this room. Your brains and the clues to collect must be enough to solve the puzzles and to get the key to freedom. You will be watched by our team through a camera in the room. If necessary, we will switch in and provide support.

Yes, here you can buy unlimited vouchers.

A game lasts 60 minutes. Please be there about 15 minutes before the start of the game, so that we can give you instructions. After the game, souvenir photos are shot. So, planed about 90 minutes to complete.

Yes, in the terms and conditions you will find all the information about the cancellation.

All rooms are located on the ground floor and are barrier-free. The only rooms with narrow passages are “The Cabin In The Woods” and “The Slaughterhouse”. All rooms can of course be visited in advance.

From 2-10 players everything is possible with us. The possible group sizes are included in every room online. If you want to play a room with a different group size, just contact us.

Yes, all rooms have air conditioner. During the game you have the possibility to control the room temperature yourself up or down.

The price of the room depends on the number of participants. The respective information can be found in the description of each room.

No, it does not exist. It should be remembered, however, that the puzzles are designed for adults. Towards the top, there are no limits. Please note that under 16s are only allowed to play when accompanied by an adult.

No, there is no dress code. We recommend you to wear something comfortable.

On our reservation page you can easily select the desired room and book a free appointment. In order to protect us from fraud, details of the name, phone number and email address of the booker must be deposited.